BOOK "Unleashing Sustainable Energy: Transforming Burnout for Neurodivergent and Disabled Individuals" by Carole Jean Whittington

BOOK- Unleashing Sustainable Energy

This book exists for two reasons:


Reason #1: So that you will use The UnVeiling Method to live your best thriving life and will engage me and my team to help you more strategically apply what you learn in this book.


Reason #2:  To get you Results in Advance so that taking action on Reason #1 is the next step in your journey.


I’m sweet and southern, but don’t let that fool you. I am also very direct in my communication with the intention and heart to help you solve a big problem, burnout. In this book I am going to give you what you need to begin burnout restoration with a strategic plan and not a bunch of fluff or empty “self care” tips and hacks.


I am here to help you.


To do that I have structured this book as follows:


First, I want you to get the full picture of where you are on the Spicy Pepper Burnout Scale.  That way I can give you specific advice and guidance, through this book, based on your needs right now.  You’ll be completing the Spicy Pepper Burnout Quiz along with the Spicy Pepper Dashboard for Restoration, Nourishment Key Assessment and Sensory Profile Blueprint that will help you know how to proceed based on my nine plus years of navigating out of burnout and my four plus years of thriving burnout, shutdown and meltdown free after spending almost forty years on the Chronic Cycle Burnout Loop.


After that, I will build a case around why knowing your needs and sensory profile are the fastest and most efficient way to get out of burnout and stay out.  You will find that those sensory struggles and overwhelming exhaustion are rooted in a host of unidentified Nourishment Keys that are consistently malnourished and you may not even realize you have them.  (There are 30 basic human needs)


We’ll take a look at the elements you can use to energize and restore all aspects of your life including career and relationships.  And we will look at all the ways people make mistakes trying to “feel better” and the trap that so many fall into that leads back to chronic cycle burnout.


Next, I will share with you all the steps and elements included in The UnVeiling Method from foundation to rooftop.  This is the method I personally use to help my clients go from Ghost Pepper Level 5, when you’re so hot you’re not, to the place of sustainable energy where every day stress and demands aren’t throwing you back into burnout. I am super excited to share it with you!


After that, we will spend a good chunk of our time together honing in on your restoration strategy to Energy Mastery.  Each spicy pepper has a unique approach that best meets them where they are in energy along with honoring elements of trauma, co-occurring health conditions and PDA just to name a few.  PDA stands for Pathological Demand Avoidance, I don’t love the term. Persistent Demand for Autonomy is so much better.


The goal is for you to have a clear understanding of where you are in burnout right now and have a strategic plan to begin your first steps to burnout restoration, know where you are going and what it takes to get there by the end of this book. 


Finally, we will bring it back to the application level where we will examine the barriers that may be getting in the way of your restoration, the support required to get your Nourishment Keys more consistently energized and how to begin making this process work for you.  I will even let you know a little bit about the way my team and I can help you in the restoration journey using the method illustrated in these pages.


It may feel like a lot, but really the entirety of this book can be summed up in the following three points: 


Point #1: We are meant to thrive.  Humans have been discovering ways to harness energy, vitality and well being for thousands of years.


Point #2: Energy is infinite.  It is not created or destroyed.  Energy is simply transferred.


Point #3:  The best method for unleashing sustainable energy, discovering your Nourishment Keys and harmonizing your Sensory Profile Blueprint is in this very book (which just so happens to help hundreds of people each year begin restoration) . I call it The UnVeiling Method. 


The method you’re about to discover has radically transformed my life for the better, with benefits far beyond just feeling better. I hope you’ll be able to make the connections  as well and unleash your energy.


My heart, above all, is that you discover and learn more than just how to utilize The UnVeiling Method.  I’ve shared my personal lived experience, over 3 years of global spicy burnout research, bits of loving advice and guidance based on a lifetime of almost fifty years navigating burnout as a late identified ADHD/Autistic with co-occurring health conditions having made a plethora of mistakes and living to tell the epic story.  Yes, this is a self help book focusing on wellness, but it is really a book about the relationship we have with ourselves viewed through the lens of compassionate curiosity.  A relationship that brings you authenticity, joy, autonomy, and sustainable energy.


My mission, passion and purpose in the world is to help create a thriving and empowered Neurodivergent community that is FULLY energized so that humanity is truly elevated to its highest and best.  I believe that it is the creators, innovators, fighters of justice and deeply compassionate caregivers like you who will make this happen.


Helping wonderfully wired humans just like you to energize, restore and thrive is exactly what I do every day.  It’s what I live for and why I bounce out of bed each and every morning.


Let’s energize and thrive TOGETHER,


Carole Jean Whittington

What People are Saying:

Breaking Accessibility Barriers in Publishing!

When Hyperlexic Publishing launched this book it broke accessibility barriers in global publishing and set records as the first book to be published with accessibility features including Open Dyslexic Font, Audio and Video with Closed Captions ALL FOR ONE PRICE.  I am so very proud of this and will continue to be a champion and trailblazer in this area.

Your book portal will automatically unlock with full access to all the book accessibility features including:

  • Digital PDF and live flipbook versions in sans serif font and open dyslexic font

  • Printable PDF versions in sans serif font and open dyslexic font with print instructions to print on demand at home for faster access.  (You can send to your local printer or, for an additional fee, have our printer ship you a spiral bound, full color copy using the special order feature in the book portal.)

  • Audio version download

  • Video version with closed captions

All accessibility features have been created for ease of use so that no matter where your processing style or speed is in the moment the information to begin your burnout restoration is available to meet you where you are.

Get ready to conquer burnout and embrace boundless energy!


Don't miss out on this opportunity to take charge of your energy levels and transform your life.


Get your copy today and embark on this empowering journey to

YOUR Best Thriving Life!


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Get your Companion Bundle to begin building your Burnout Restoration Framework based on The UnVeiling Method and also get the Rest Assessment, Thrive Destination Statement Workshop AND Spicy Dashboard Work Along with exercises and activities to take your assessment results and turn them into energy!

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Assessments are useless without a framework to apply them to as you will learn in Unleashing Sustainable Energy, so apply them easily with additional help and guidance from Carole Jean.

In the Companion Bundle, you get:

The Spicy Dashboard including a step by step video with Carole Jean leading you through identifying your Burnout Experiences, Internal Warning Signs, and your Rest Signs so that you have the foundation to gauge your restoration with clarity.

All The UnVeiling Method assessments included in the book, Unleashing Sustainable Energy, PLUS...

Foundation Phase 1 of The UnVeiling Method:

 - Core Assessments (Needs & Sensory Profile Blueprint)   

Values Workbook (Unmask and identify what your values means to you)     

- Burnout Basics Workbook (Identify your Sign Posts and Burnout History)     

- Boundary Basics Workbook (Identify the 7 types and 3 styles of boundaries and how to begin using the one that will help you get your #1 Unmet need met more consistently)     

- Restoration Framework Level 1 where you bring it all together to create your first level of restoration with a plan and strategies that work for you.

  • BONUS #1: Create Your Thrive Destination Statement (TDS)

    Build your unique best thriving life as the empowered leader with a destination and life you create that supports you best that is sustainable and fun.

    - Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid while in Burnout     

  • - Defining the TDS framework     

  • - Creating your TDS     

  • - Replay of the TDS workshop so you can work along and create your TDS with additional help and guidance


  • In this BONUS get started on your Self Care Plan from the INSIDE Out with this abbreviated workbook to take you through several of the key Phase 2 elements to restoration.



 - Signs of Rest Depletion     

- 7 Areas of Rest Assessment     

- Rest Needs Activity Worksheet     

- Reclaim your Thought Energy

  • Over $3,000 worth of material, knowledge and life giving resources to help you energize and thrive

  • in a way that works FOR you.

  • Take your First Steps to Burnout Restoration and begin building your UnVeiling Method Burnout Restoration Framework today with tools, guidance and the simple step by step. 

These materials are the same that I use with my clients and now they are yours to access in this self paced option for only $37.

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PREVIEW of Unleashing Sustainable Energy

Get a peek into the book and learn more. Check out some of the accessibility features including our easy to read font and dyslexic font versions.

Print Version Download- Unleashing Sustainable Energy

PDF Print Files to be either printed at home or at your local print shop.

Resources- Burnout Basics Workbook and Restoration Framework Level 1

Resources to take the next step

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