At Whittington Well-Being, we know not living the life you know deep down is supposed to be yours is miserable, plain and simple.

If you've been stuck in "powering through" exhaustion mode for what feels like forever, I'm here to change that.

Step by step through The UnVeiling Method and Micro Recharge Lab, I'll guide you to your Energy Mastery where you'll find sustainable, fun ways to feel amazing in 20 minutes or less each time.  

Say goodbye to burnout and hello to Energy —it's time to live your passions and dreams every day with an ABUNDANCE OF ENERGY!  Your best life is already yours!  You don't have to earn it, just UnVeil it.

If you are ready to make this playful, light and fun, then you are in the right place.

Wondering where to get started?

Step 1: Take the Spicy Pepper Burnout Quiz then join me for the "4 Steps to Get Out of Burnout Shortcut" 

Want to learn more about what gets in the way of energy?

Listen to the  9 Day Energy Up Level on the Podcast & get the guide book here on the Energy portal.

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QUIZ- What's Your Burnout Level (aka Spicy Pepper)?

The first step to getting out of burnout is to know where you are on the spicy pepper scale.  Find out if you're in burnout or not, and if so, what Spicy Pepper level you are experiencing from a Poblano Pepper Level 1 where you have just a bit of heat up to the Level 5 Ghost Pepper where you are "so hot, you're not"! Plus, get specific insights based on your results to begin your path to ENERGY!

9 Day Energy Up Level on Beyond Chronic Burnout

Download the companion 9 Day Energy Up Level Guide to the special series on Beyond Chronic Burnout podcast

BOOK "Unleashing Sustainable Energy: Transforming Burnout for Neurodivergent and Disabled Individuals" by Carole Jean Whittington

Guiding ADHD, Autistic, disabled and those with co-occurring health conditions out of burnout and to sustainable energy that works FOR them so that they are the Energy Master in their career, relationships and beyond.

Begin YOUR Energy Journey Today!

Companion Book Bundle- The UnVeiling Method Tools and Framework

This Companion Bundle for the book, Unleashing Sustainable Energy, will take you through the core assessments mentioned in the book including Needs Reflection Assessment, Sensory Profile Blueprint.  This bundle will help you take the data a bit deeper with exercises and activities to bring your results to life including the Burnout Basics Workbook, Burnout History and more.

Sensory Rest Tool Kit

Discover your Sensory RESToration and begin brining energy in more consistently and do it in a way that WORKS best for you.

Application for Personalized Guidance through The UnVeiling Method: Energy Mastery

Interested in getting personalized one on one support to master your energy so that you can get off the Chronic Cycle Burnout Loop and live your passions and dreams with abundant, daily energy?

Fantastic, this is for you!

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