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6 Burnout Beliefs That Are Stealing More Than Your Energy

After realizing that for years I'd been pushing through exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, and convinced that if I just powered through the next task, "then" everything would be fine, I understood it was all a lie I'd been telling myself. This "then" belief was just a lie I kept believing.

Navigating Holiday Conflicts: Understanding the 4 Conflict Styles and How to Empower Your Resolution Need with a Key Question

Whether it's a disagreement over holiday plans, family traditions, or just the stress of the season, conflicts are bound to happen. This holiday season, let's explore a guide to understanding and navigating these conflicts by delving into five common conflict styles.

10 Ways Burnout Impacts Your Money

Burnout can manifest in various ways that impact how people manage their money. When you’ve spent a majority of your adult life in some degree of burnout, this element of impact can show up in ways that you may not have realized before, but after reading the 10 areas of impact on your money below, you may have a moment of breakthrough.

The Healing Power of Music: A Remedy for ADHD and Autistics Experiencing Physical Pain

In the midst of November's chilly embrace, many of us are no strangers to the discomfort that cooler temperatures can bring, especially if you're dealing with conditions like EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), Hypermobility, or MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome). It's as though the changing weather is mirrored in our joints, leaving us in search of relief. But what if I told you that you might already have a powerful tool in your hands – your favorite songs? Recent research published in the ...

Finding Your Niche as ADHD/Autistic Professionals: A Blueprint for Personalized Job Searches

Unlock your career potential with personalized job search strategies. Find your professional niche for success and fulfillment as an ADHD/Autistic Professional. I am thrilled to introduce you to an insightful article penned by Scott Birkhead, a distinguished guest writer for The Brain Dump Blog and a recent guest on the Beyond Autistic Burnout talk show, which I had the privilege of hosting alongside him yesterday. Scott's wealth of experience as a 30-year veteran recruiter shines through in ...

Challenges and Solutions in the Workplace  Shared from over 40 ADHD Autistic Professionals

Challenges and Solutions in the Workplace  Shared from over 40 ADHD Autistic Professionals In today's diverse workforce, it's crucial for organizations to create inclusive environments that value and support all individuals. We gathered insights from over 40 ADHD, Autistic, Dyslexic Professionals and their years of experiences in finding, working and keeping jobs. From these responses, several common themes and challenges emerged that can provide valuable insights for managers, human ...

Taking the First Step Towards Organization: Three Gentle Steps to Tackle Clutter for ADHD Autistics

Are you tired of the chaos in your personal or work space? Do you often find yourself searching for misplaced items or feeling overwhelmed by clutter? If so, you're not alone. Many of us grapple with disorganization, and it can have a significant impact on our daily lives and our burnout restoration. In our upcoming episode of "Beyond Autistic Burnout," we'll explore the transformative power of organization with our guest, Kanan Tekchandani. We'll discuss the natural organizing tendencies of ...

Discover Your Sensory Profile for ADHD/Autistic Burnout Restoration: Unlock Your Inner Spice

Life is a symphony of sensations – the textures you touch, the scents you inhale, the sounds that surround you – they all play a part in shaping your experiences. Just like adding a pinch of spice can transform a dish, understanding your sensory profile can bring a new flavor to your journey of burnout restoration. Have you ever thought about how your senses guide your day? It’s not just about what you see or hear, but also how you interact with the world around you. We often ...

Unveiling Triumph: Carole Jean Whittington's Inspiring Journey to Neurodivergent Achiever of the Year

Discover the remarkable journey of Carole Jean Whittington, founder of Mind Your Autistic Brain, shortlisted for the Neurodivergent Achiever of the Year award. From overcoming burnout to championing Neurodiversity, her story is an inspiration. Dive in now! #Neurodiversity #CNDAwards23 #Inspiration

Unveiling the Power of Neuro Inclusion: Join Our Lunch and Learn Workshop on Managing Autistic/ADHD Burnout at Work

Carole Jean Whittington will share step-by-step strategies on how to support burned-out team members without falling into the burnout trap yourself as their manager.

Accessibility in the Workplace with Advocate Lex Harvey-Bryn

In many countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, there are laws that require workplaces to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. Failing to do so can result in legal action and penalties, and sadly, this is there to protect and support people in the absence of their employer doing it freely. However, to develop a culture of true inclusion, this should never be your ‘Why’ for focusing on accessibility and inclusion. However, it is sadly so often in the driving seat to make changes.

Accessibility in Education with Advocate Ian Joseph Rinon

In an era where cross-pollination of disciplines result in the furthering of academic development, it is high time that our education system be reformed, not only to produce better students, scholars, researchers, and professionals, but also to include neurodiversity in the process of doing so.

Accessibility in Healthcare with Advocate Mason Milne

Getting diagnosed with Crohn’s disease I was taken to the A&E unit I was there for a long time like 10 hours and I don’t like loud noise and people close to me I was unable to go into a quiet room I was prevented access with my autism I am sensory so it was very hard for me to adjust. 

Accessibility in Education with Advocate, Jacki Edry

Many teachers assumed my kids were lazy because they couldn't understand why such significant gaps existed between their cognitive abilities and performance. They didn't understand that they were working much harder than other children to keep up. In addition, many teachers didn't relate to them favorably because they assumed they were not trying. My kids were also repeatedly made fun of or bullied due to their low academic performance and neurodivergence.

Accessibility in Healthcare with Advocate Dr. Bex Canner

Through personal encounters with my colleagues, teaching groups of students and healthcare professionals, speaking, writing and posting content in various forums, and participating in podcasts and panel discussions (such as the ones Carole Jean is hosting this month), my main aim is to promote empathy by telling my own story and weaving it into the stories of patients so that others can get a feel for what it’s like.

Accessibility in Public Spaces and Beyond with Advocate Emily Elsworth

Prior to doing the work I do now, I worked in a lot of public spaces and whilst I loved the work I did in those spaces, I saw just how many barriers there were for autistic people being able to access them. I don’t like the injustice of these spaces being there and not being accessible, so I wanted to change that.

Accessibility in the Workplace with Advocate Cora Burke of the NeuroRebellion

Making accommodations should be part and parcel of continuous improvement. If a significant proportion of your community tells you your processes aren’t working for them, you should adjust your processes.

Accessibility in the Workplace with Sydney Elaine Butler of Accessible Creates

Accessibility is not just for people with disabilities, yes, it has become synonyms with people with disabilities due to the fact, we are not provided access more than any other diverse group, but it is important to realize it is about providing access and giving access in ways the individual needs it, and not how you assume they need it. Listen to your disabled/ neurodiverse employees, and ultimately listen to disabled and neurodiverse voices and people.

Accessibility in the Workplace with Advocate, Charlie Hart

Some autistic people may need specific instructions broken down into manageable chunks, and it can also be helpful to confirm expectations in writing. When interviewing someone, you may want to consider presenting the questions one at a time instead of asking a series of questions in one go. Breaking down information into manageable chunks, in fact, makes information more accessible for everyone.

Neuro-Inclusive Feedback: Top Tips from the Experts

When it comes to Neuro-Inclusive employee feedback having a conversation that includes both sides of the table, variations in neurotype communication styles, along with these top tips from Neuro-Inclusive Experts in the Workplace who also happen to be Autistic, ADHD, and Dyslexic will drastically improve your feedback outcomes.


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