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9 Day Energy Up Level on Beyond Chronic Burnout

Energy Mastery is the ONLY sustainable way

to get out and stay out of Burnout for good.

What this 9 days IS:

A quantum leap transformation around what energy is, your power and role as an Energy Master and seeing what you haven’t seen or known about energy until now.

What this 9 days ISN’T:

Not “self care” hacks, or tips with a list of morning routine steps or telling you to schedule more spa days or nature walks. Those do work but they are only the tiniest part and may NOT BE what YOU need to master energy right now in your life.

“As it is said, it is done”

How the 9 day Energy Up Level will work

There is one short 20 minute or less episode beginning January 9, 2024 - Jan. 12th; a break on Saturday and Sunday Jan. 13th & 14th to re-listen, catch up if you missed a day, process, ask questions, share break throughs (Voicemail me on Spotify up to 1 minute and share your questions or breakthrough moments each day). Back on Monday, January 15th and we end on Friday, Jan. 19th.

What I will cover -

I’ll be covering energy in the body, energy basics you were never taught in school or life, blocks and barriers to energy, fun actions for energy boosts that are easy and light with powerful impact and so much more!

What you will receive -

By the end of the 9 days you’ll have a new understanding of energy and know where you are experiencing blocks and barriers.

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Download the 9 Day Energy Up Level Guide and

listen to Day 1 to get started.

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9 Day Energy Up Level Guide DOWNLOAD

Get the Guide to get started on the 9 Day Energy Up Level along with a special access link to get your seat in the upcoming 2 Day virtual Masterclass.

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